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What They Do  and What They Provide the Chapter

 Idea Learning
What They Do

Idea Learning Group was formed in 2009 with three goals in mind:

  • Focus on improving the way adults learn in the workplace with more experience-based learning opportunities.
  • Create custom learning materials to increase audience engagement and make the experience of learning more meaningful.
  • Serve as an external resource for businesses that either lack training departments or whose training teams need additional resources.
What They Provide the Chapter

In 2015, Idea Learning Group was hired by the Cascadia Chapter to develop cutting edge, online content using the latest learning technologies. The contract is a multi-year project to build sessions that support the ATD Competency Model™. The content will be owned by the Chapter and will replace previous workshops like Fundamentals of Training and eLearning Fundamentals.

What They Do

Retailers, brands and associations leverage our Live Product Communication platform to create highly engaging online events for their digital audiences - combining live video, social interaction and instant calls to action. We bring associations and their audiences together in a social setting for Live Virtual Meetings, Conferences, Town Halls, Trainings, and many other applications.

What They Provide the Chapter

Brandlive provides a platform that allows the Chapter to have selected events streamed.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Brandlive is a proud partner and member of ATD. Chapter members (or their company) can receive 50% off their first year subscription with a 2-year agreement.

For more information on this offer or to schedule a demo of Brandlive, contact:

Mark Adams
SVP Sales & Business Development

What They Do

UMU is the innovative way to interact, author content, and facilitate learning all in one place. Ideal for microlearning, mobile learning, blended learning, and instructor-led training.

What They Provide the Chapter

UMU provides the chapter with its platform for audience-response and microlearning.

SPECIAL NOTE:  UMU is the agile microlearning and engagement platform that makes your learning bite-sized, blended, and social. Through the end of 2017, ATD members (or their company) can record, upload, and host unlimited video content with the purchase of a 1-year UMU subscription.

For more information on this offer or to schedule a demonstration, contact:

Emily Ullberg
Account & Project Manager