Competency Model

ATD Competency Model

Talent Development Redefined™

The talent development (TD) profession has undergone significant transformation in the last decade. The ATD Competency Model™ redefines the skills and knowledge required for trainers to be successful now and in the future. It captures changes driven by digital, mobile, and social technology; demographic shifts; globalization; and economic forces.

The ATD Competency Model™:

  • defines the latest competencies needed for success across the entire TD industry.
  • provides a professional development roadmap for TD leaders and practitioners.
  • identifies TD skills gaps and ways to close them that align with individual and organizational goals.

The Competency Model™ emphasizes:

  1. Foundational competencies, or those that are important to everyone in the field, and
  2. Specific areas of expertise (AOEs), which are the specialized knowledge and actions required by specific roles.

For a printout of the model and a better understanding of what each area specifically entails, click here.



















Additional Resources

Foundational Competency Video
This video was developed by Idea Learning Group, Portland, Oregon, in support of ATD-Cascadia's efforts to support the Competency Model. The video is interactive and allows users to see the various types of foundational competencies required for successful talent development.

ILG Competency Model Workshop small

T&D Magazine

Webcasts (need to be a national member to view)

Job Aids

  • Action Planning for Organizations
    Create a professional development action plan for your team or organization that aligns with the 2013 Model.
  • Action Planning for Individuals
    Create your own professional development action plan that aligns with the 2013 Model.
  • Workforce Planning
    Determine how industry trends will influence your future training needs and practices.
  • Customizing the Model
    Adapt the 2013 Model to fit your specific organization or culture by using this four-phase approach.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to use the 2013 Model.
  • ATD Competency Study: The Training & Development Profession Redefined
    Your essential guide for understanding and using the ATD Competency Model.

Career Navigator (need to be a national member to use)
Explore the career roles you can aspire to with this online Career Navigator, the skills necessary to function in each role, and the resources that are available to help build necessary skills.

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