Cascadia Announces New Partnership

Cascadia Announces New Partnership

The Cascadia Chapter has entered into a new partnership with Idea Learning Group and SightWorks, both located in Portland, Oregon.

The Cascadia Chapter is in the process of developing additional content that supports the Competency Model™. While the current TD Series gives a high level overview of the ten areas of expertise, Idea Learning Group is developing in-depth content that will be deployed online and in the classroom, including self-directed study. The content will be owned by the chapter. Some of the content is intended to replace the Fundamentals of Training and eLearning Fundamentals workshops. This is a multi-year project.

To support this effort, the chapter needed to find a LMS platform and has selected SightWorks for their clean, innovative interface. We are hoping to have SightWorks provide a workshop on how to select an LMS in the near future.

As we move along in the development phase with this project, we’ll keep you posted. We’re very excited about using cutting edge technology to bring cutting edge content to our members.

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  • Pinky Gonzales
    We are over-the-moon excited to be working with ATD Cascadia, and it doesn't get any better than Idea Learning Group when it comes to outstanding instructional content. We can't wait to see what comes of this powerhouse combination. Your proud partners, - The BrandLX Crew