The popular ATD-Cascadia Fundamentals of Training (FOT) is a comprehensive curriculum of courses for anyone new to training or wants to learn the best practices.  Taught by local industry experts, FOT covers how to evaluate student needs,  design your course and deliver and engage students so they retain and use the critical skills and information.

Meet our FOT Instructors!

This course is perfect for:

  • New and aspiring instructional designers and trainers
  • Professionals who are looking to expand their skill set
  • Professionals who train others as a part of their job description

This course will prepare you to:

  • Decide if training is the right solution for the problem your organization is facing.
  • Develop meaningful course objectives tied to job performance and outcomes.
  • Apply technology and techni ques appropriate for adult learners.
  • Present with confidence and ease, whether it’s online or in person.

Overview of Sessions

Learner Analysis

  • Learner Analysis Principles and Processes
  • Integrating Learner Analysis into Design and Development

Virtual Facilitation

  • Guidelines for Effective Facilitation
  • Practice with Virtual Tools

Course Design

  • Course Development Process

  • Task Analysis

  • Learning Objectives

Needs Assessment

  • Explore a process for determining whether or not training is part of the solution
  • Learn methods for information-gathering and communicating needs assessment results

Training Methodologies

  • Training Methods

  • Dale’s Cone of Experience

  • Connecting Training Methodology to Learning Objectives

Presentation Skills

  • Seven step process to prepare a presentation
  • Practice with presenting

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