Updates about GIGs and SIGs

Updates about GIGs and SIGs

Read about the updates to GIGs and SIGs in our service area.

Geographic Interest Groups (GIGs)
Because the Cascadia Chapter covers the state of Oregon and SW Washington, we can offer various types of support to talent development professionals outside of the Portland metro area who do not want to start their own chapter but still want to be affiliated with ATD.

Geographical Interest Groups (GIGs) cover a geographic area as opposed to having a specific focus like a Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Chapter has one active GIG in Lane County. Visit the Events page to see any upcoming events.

If you’re interested in connecting with other talent development professionals in your area, here are some possible activities to consider doing on your own:

  • LinkedIn group just for your area
  • Meet Up
  • Virtual meetings

If you want to be more closely aligned with the Chapter, we can offer support in the following areas:

  • Programs and speakers (registration, marketing, website promotion)
  • LinkedIn group (set up and managed by the Chapter)
  • Targeted marketing about our virtual member meetings and other virtual trainings
  • Branding using the ATD logo
  • Membership drives, including the various benefits one obtains even though not in the Portland metro area

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
SIGs are a means for Chapter members and others to meet and discuss areas of common and specific interest. Meetings may be open to the public or limited to a specific audience. Costs may vary depending upon the SIG.

No active SIGs as this time. Previous SIGs have included topics such as eLearning and career transitions.

If interested in starting a GIG or SIG, contact Kathleen Bergquist, Executive Director, 503-579-1552, info@tdcascadia.org.